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Are you a high potential with a degree in IT, looking to start your career as a technical Software Quality Consultant? Then our bootcamp is right up your alley!

We are looking for someone who:

Feels intrigued by new technologies and gets excited when a new app or gadget is launched: you keep your ear to the ground
Has a background in IT (bachelor or equivalent through experience): you eat Java for breakfast and C# for lunch
Is critical and likes to question things: you’re famous for checking details
Loves to share his/her knowledge and comments: you love to help others in their progress
Adapts quickly to a new environment: you’re a professional chameleon, in areas such as telecom, finance, retail…
Your primary responsibility is to assist our clients in optimising the quality of their applications. From drawing up a test plan and developing a test process, over test automation and reporting, to test coordination and managing a team: you live and breathe quality.

You’ll receive a thorough training, covering all the basics in Software Quality & Testing. Following this intense 2-week bootcamp you’ll start your career at one of our clients’ headquarters while being coached by Brightest coaches & experts.


  • Java, C#


We are offering:

A challenging, fast-paced and motivational working environment
The possibility to work with state-of-the-art technologies
Access to the BrightBeing plan, an all-in physical and mental coaching programme
The possibility to learn and excel through other colleagues, workforces, online and classroom training

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