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  • CloudSisters
  • Engineering
  • CloudSisters te Destelbergen

  • 3-5 jaar
  • Ja, deze job kan op afstand uitgevoerd worden.


Are you the rocket fuel behind Azure automation and DevOps wizardry? Look no further!
CloudSisters is seeking a passionate Azure DevOps Engineer to add their spark to our dynamic team in the vibrant hub of Destelbergen (Heusden).

Who Are We?
Imagine a powerhouse of tech-savvy minds, with over two decades of collective expertise, blazing trails in the tech universe. We live and breathe innovation, crafting solutions that rewrite the rules and make a real-world impact.

What Will You Do?
Buckle up, because you’ll be:
• Masterminding rock-solid Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines to turbocharge our deployment lifecycle.
• Enhancing Azure services, fine-tuning our container services and orchestration for maximum impact.
• Driving efficiency through automation in deployment, monitoring, and scaling within Azure.
• Troubleshooting technical issues to ensure optimal Azure system performance.
• Promoting teamwork by integrating DevOps methodologies across all departments.
• Upholding Azure security and compliance standards.
• Staying ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest tools and technologies into our Azure DevOps processes.

Who Are You?
Let’s see:
• You hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent Azure DevOps experience.
• You have previous experience with Azure DevOps.
• Proficiency in CI/CD principles, with practical experience in Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, and Azure DevOps pipelines.
• Python scripting and automation are your trusty sidekicks.
• You have knowledge of Azure services and containerization with Azure AKS.
• Familiarity with IaC tools like Terraform or Ansible.
• Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
• You thrive in fast-paced environments and embrace the chaos.

Why Join Us?
• You’ll be a key player in optimizing our development processes, enhancing system reliability, and ensuring a secure and automated Azure operational landscape.
• Work with advanced technologies and make a significant contribution to Azure development environments.


  • CI/CD Pipelines, Jenkins, GitLab, Python, Azure AKS, Terraform or Ansible


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