• Extra Horizon
  • Marketing
  • Corda Campus
    Kempische Steenweg 293
    3500 Hasselt
  • 1-3 jaar
  • Nee, deze job kan niet op afstand uitgevoerd worden.


Extra Horizon is looking for an experienced and proactive Content Writer/Marketer to join our team to make an impact on the digital health industry. Extra Horizon is located in Hasselt, Belgium (with remote work as a possibility as well).

Our ideal candidate is a creative content writer that is able to develop engaging content within the digital health industry in the form of blogposts, website pages, whitepapers, ebooks and so on. Although content writing will be a huge part of the job, there is also a content marketing aspect to the job as well. This will include managing content creation with external agencies and freelancers, as well as co-creating the content planning together with the marketing manager.

For this position, it is essential to be up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies within our sector, so a strong willingness to research specific market topics is a must. Also, our communication language is English, and therefore we are looking for either a native English speaking candidate or someone with an advanced or proficient level of English.

As the content writer/marketer at Extra Horizon you will have the opportunity to shape our overall digital content strategy by identifying, writing and managing content for our target audience in a way that is meaningful to them and in turn will generate new leads.


  • Identify and write engaging content deliverables in the form of blogposts, advertisements, landing pages, ebooks, whitepapers and so on., Identify customers’ needs and gaps in our content and recommend new topics for the content planning., Co-publish these content pieces through various online media, including our social media platforms., Ensure the coordination of external content creation with a network of content related freelancers and agencies.


You will become part of a fast-growing scale-up company that has lots of exciting goals on the horizon. You will be able to leave your mark on our company’s communication strategy. You will work in a flextime environment with a high degree of self-management, with remote work as a possibility. Furthermore, you will be offered a competitive salary.

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