Een werkplek boeken in één van onze incubatoren? Dat kan hier.

  • MobieTrain
  • Sales
  • C-mine Crib
    C-Mine 12
    3600 Genk
  • 3-5 jaar
  • Nee, deze job kan niet op afstand uitgevoerd worden.


We offer a highly competitive compensation package accompanied by an array of enticing benefits tailored to the Belgian context.

Tired of being stuck in a lackluster sector that’s sinking your spirit?

HRtech is taking the business world by storm, and Mobietrain is at the forefront, revolutionizing Microlearning solutions worldwide.

Until now, we relied on external marketing agencies for our performance marketing, and they are doing an excellent job, but it’s time to take control and make a significant impact from within. That’s where you come in.

As a valued member of the Mobietrain team, you’ll have the unique opportunity to shape our digital marketing strategy as well as put those plans into practice. You will directly influence our company’s success. ✨

Imagine being at the forefront of every digital marketing initiative, from brainstorming creative campaigns to analyzing their impact and refining strategies based on real-time data. This is your chance to make a tangible difference and see the direct results of your efforts and drive our Marketing Performance to the next level.

As one of Belgium’s fastest-growing tech companies, recognized by Deloitte , we offer an exhilarating opportunity for you to grow and thrive alongside us.

Deeper Dive:

You’ll craft a tactical plan that unleashes the power of our ICP-focused multi-channel (esp. LinkedIn and Google) campaigns. Dive deep into research, uncover winning keywords, explore new markets, and outshine competitors!

You will own the entire customer journey with campaigns across different stages of the marketing funnel—Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Set KPIs, strategize remarketing, and achieve remarkable results!

Analyze social media and SEA ad spend to maximize ROI. Calculate CPLs like a pro! Create captivating landing pages, testing different versions to skyrocket conversion rates for our paid campaigns!

Stay one step ahead! Research and implement innovative campaign types like doc ads, perf max ads, and followers ads for future success!

Collaboration is at our core. You’ll work closely with your rockstar marketing team, sales & product managers, and talented external partners—creative agencies, copywriters, and visual designers—to achieve extraordinary outcomes!


  • Excellent project management and communication skills, In your toolkit we'll find: Adobe Creative Suite, marketing automation tools and social media tools, Strong portfolio over a wide range of digital marketing campaigns, Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Marketing Automation


MobieTrain empowers customer-facing teams to create unforgettable experiences and transform every guest into a loyal customer.

At MobieTrain, we believe in empowering all employees by delivering the right content at the right time, supporting their professional and personal growth.

Our values drive real change within a dynamic work environment. We embrace Team Spirit, Care, Ambition, Transparency, Bravery, and Flexibility.

With +100 customers, leading brands like Vans, The North Face, Decathlon, Azadea, Hästens, Odlo, Roompot, Timberland, Via Outlets trust MobieTrain’s performance enablement platform to train their employees.

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