• Playtreks
  • Marketing
  • Corda Campus
    Kempische Steenweg 293
    3500 Hasselt
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We are Playtreks! We are a fast moving startup from Hasselt with lots of ambitions! To make the world know about us, well even more, we are looking for a driven social media person, one of these who wake up with insta, love facebook stories, cant get enough of hitting that post button! With the enormous amount of users we add every single day, we want more. If you are that person who wants to be part of potentially one of the coolest companies in the area, dont be shy and let us know. We are a fun bunch of people, all over the place, love music, live for tech, and most and foremost are a bit crazy in pursuing our dreams!


  • social media addiction


Talk to us, and let us see whether you fit in the team of great people with one joint dream, conquering the world, and change the music industry!

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