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You can’t avoid it. Limburg is becoming increasingly important in the start-up scene.

The number of start-ups is increasing rapidly and people are coming from all corners of the country to feel the vibes in the various incubators. Limburg Startup (LSU) has been created to make sure these vibes stay on track, and create a fast lane for all of the start-ups.

Limburg Startup is an open platform, a first class starters community, supported and developed by Limburg’s business community with the aim of linking existing start-up initiatives, strengthening start-ups and accelerating their growth processes.

By linking all stakeholders from the broad start-up landscape, we are offering a boost to young entrepreneurs within the province and facilitating the growth of business in the region.

Because, after all, you can’t start alone, but have to work with partners, fellow businesses and organisations. We provide an overview of the offering and will put you in touch with motivated LSU coaches who can share their experiences and add you into their networks.

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In Limburgyou don’t
Start alone

Conquer the world from Limburg with Startup coaches, the incubators and all of the partners who will support you in both word and deed.

  • 19 incubators with an active ecosystem in various sectors.
  • 2Over 220 LSU coaches that will offer full support.
  • 3Space: literally and metaphorically, with well-equipped and sustainable business premises.
  • 4Capital for business, including presence of LRM.
  • 5Limburg is easy to access and lies at the heart of Europe.
  • 6The availability of partners and organisations who are very supportive of entrepreneurs.